This Is The Dangerous Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wash Chicken Before Cooking It

This Is The Dangerous Reason Why You Shouldn't Wash Chicken Before Cooking It

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If you were surprised to know which are the 5 objects with more bacteria than a toilet, maybe it’s time for you to know the dangerous reason why chicken should not be washed before cooking.

Although this seems like a recommendation that might seem unhealthy, the truth is that it is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States.

If you perform this practice not only you are putting your health at riskbut also that of all the people with whom you live in the comfort of your home.

It is very common that you arrive from the supermarket, the street market or the chicken coop in the neighborhood with the pieces that you will prepare to share them with your family, as a couple or alone.

Who has not removed the meat of these birds from the bags to wash it and remove any excess fat or skin that may have remained in the packaging process?

Well, it turns out that it is wrong and then we will tell you the arguments made by the Bachoco company and the national public health agency of the neighboring country.

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Warning: do NOT wash the chicken before cooking it

In April 2019, the CDC used its official Twitter account to issue a warning to the general population: under no circumstances should the chicken be washed before cooking.

This recommendation must be followed, otherwise the germs and bacteria in the meat could spread to other areas of the kitchen or even to food already ready to eat.

Do not wash your raw chicken! Washing can spread germs from chicken to other food or kitchen utensils,” the agency said.

According to experts, the only thing you need to do to cook poultry and any type of meat safely is to give it the right cooking temperature.

“We didn’t want to alarm you about washing the chicken! But it’s true: you kill germs by cooking chicken thoroughly, not by washing it. You should not wash poultry, meat or eggs before cooking. Anyone can spread germs in your kitchen. Don’t mess with food safety! “, he assured.

On this issue, the official page of the Bachoco company – a company dedicated to the sale of poultry products – gave its position and supported what was raised by the CDC on social networks.

In this regard, he clarified that You should NOT wash the chicken before cooking it.. The only safe thing to do “to eliminate bacteria in raw meat is to cook to a temperature of 74°C, which can be measured with a food thermometer, remembering to check the expiry date of the product and to refrigerate it properly when necessary.

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