From the forum, Mariazel falls in love with the network with a leather jacket and an impact neckline: PHOTO

From the forum, Mariazel falls in love with the network with a leather jacket and an impact neckline: PHOTO

There is no doubt that Mariazel continues to impose her style on each photograph or video that she shares on her social networks, in which she shows her talent for choosing youthful looks adapted to women of all ages.

In addition, she is currently one of the most beloved and entertaining hosts of Mexican television, since thanks to her work as an actress and presenter, she has established herself as one of the most important women in the television industry. entertainment in Mexico.

This Sunday morning, during the broadcast More sports, TUDN, Mariazel recorded a few Instagram stories in which she wears an outfit with black leather jacket. Although the full body of the driver is not appreciated, it is observed that under the jacket she wears a white top with a striking neckline.

On this occasion, the actress used her hair totally picked up and combed back, which allowed her face to show off with understated makeup.

Mariazel is shown dancing to the beat of the drums

In one of the Insta stories, he is shown happy and dancing to the rhythm of the drums singing a melody of sambaa musical genre with African roots that emerged in Brazil.

It should be remembered that Mariazel, from 41 years, He hasn’t just been on comedy and sports programs, he’s been seen interacting on shows like “This canyon”, with Yordi Rosado, confirming that at her age she is one of the most pampered celebrities and admired by the spectators.

Her followers often admire her great dress style and try to replicate it, so in addition to talented, Mariazel has become a reference in fashion, thanks to the fact that with her varied outfits she sets a trend on the networks. The driver likes mini shorts high-waisted, as well as blazers, presses that play an important role in the looks that she uses frequently.


Mariazel hits the net with a skirt and blouse perfect for the weekend

Mariazel, more beautiful than ever, imposes fashion in a white miniskirt and flirty top

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