You don’t have a job? These Twitter accounts will help you find it

You don't have a job?  These Twitter accounts will help you find it

  • Through a Twitter thread, a user showed which are the 13 best accounts to follow to get a job in the social network.

  • The difficult task of Gen Z to obtain quality employment corresponds directly to the gradual recovery of sectors affected by the pandemic.

  • The tweet gained traction with users, who took the opportunity to save it using the “@RemembermeBot” account.

A Twitter feed shared by a user shows you the accounts you need to follow to land your dream job.

These users dedicate their personal accounts to talk about the work environment in different parts of the world and how you can distinguish between an abusive job and your dream job.

The new generations and the work environment

In 2020, the world has been affected in every way by the arrival of Covid-19. In fact, before the pandemic, the fast pace of life began to influence the way we perceive the world.

However, once the pandemic started shutting us down, the various industries such as cinema, travel, tourism and many more were breached. In recent years, the transition from one generation to another seemed less impactful for the working environment; however, with the onset of the pandemic, it underwent a significant transformation.

Generation Z, in this sense, it has become one of the most vulnerable, not only because as a consequence the phenomenon of Burnout has become more present. Similarly, vacancies are becoming rarer and priority is given to more experienced and apparently more qualified staff.

Of course, this was reflected in the workers, since the impact, at least in Mexico, resulted in the layoff of 12.5 million people between March and April 2020, according to information from the National Institute of Geography and statistics (INEGI).

However, it is informal workers and entrepreneurs who have suffered the most, since 10.4 million were in the informal sector and only 2.1 million in the formal sector.

You don’t have a job? These Twitter accounts will help you find it

And it was precisely in these years that the users of the various social networks began to exploit their potential. Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok have started flooding their content with creators focused on a specific topic.

Some of the ones that stood out the most were precisely those that focused on sharing jobs and decent job offers for each sector.

Recently, an Internet user took on the daunting task of listing in a thread the various accounts that have sought to make a difference and reactivate the economy with the inclusion of new generations.

Here is the thread shared by the user:

Among the vacancies are mentions of accounts such as GringoJobs, Don Chambitas, LuRecruiter, Your friend Flowers and Fra, the Fairy of Vacancies.

It is estimated that on Twitter around 329 million people actively use the social network, while Mexico represents the second country with the most Internet users in Latin America, with 96 million being the number recorded daily, according to data from We Are Social., Hootsuite and DataReportal.

Undoubtedly, this work of content creators to share job offers with users has become one of the best gifts for this generation, which continues to struggle every day against an increasingly competitive market.

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