While Vela owns a $6 million mansion, the cost of Campos’ luxurious home

While Vela owns a $6 million mansion, the cost of Campos' luxurious home

The difference in houses between Jorge Campos and Carlos Vela

Mexican striker Carlos Vela, after leaving Europe to join the comforts of MLS, received a house worth $ 6 million where he lives with his family, for his part Jorge Campos, without doing much -thing, now lives in a luxurious mansion in California.

During the interview that Jorge Campos had with the Golden Scorpion, he revealed that he lives comfortably in California in a house with his relatives, in addition to being near the sea in Santa Monica.

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According to several real estate portals, residences in Santa Monica oscillate between 5 and 9 million dollars depending on the characteristics of the house, since several of them have a swimming pool, a gym and a leisure area. , like the house owned by Jorge Campos.

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If Carlos Vela and Jorge Campos have something similar, it’s because they love living in the sea, since both are natives of very representative Mexican coasts. Although Vela has been recognized as one of the best strikers, Campos undoubtedly receives all the applause, as they have even paid tribute to him as part of one of the most representative football drawings, the “Super Champions” series. “.

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