Luis Aguilar: They were all the wives of the golden age gallant

Luis Aguilar: They were all the wives of the golden age gallant

Luis Aguilar f.He was one of the stars who rose to prominence during the The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and it could successfully transcend to our time, because despite the fact that he died many years ago, he still has thousands of followers, who are interested in knowing data about his artistic career, as well as on his private life,For example, who were all his wives And if he had heirs.

Son of Luis C. Aguilar and Concepcion Manzo, the actor was born on January 29, 1918 in Hermosillo, Sonora. The actor began his professional life away from the series, because studied at the Military College then the race began engineering in the army, however, he left all this to work in the agrarian department of the Ministry of Finance.

Although having worked on things that had nothing to do with the artistic world, in 1944, with the help of Raul de Andawell-known actor who experienced the death of his son-, the director Robert O’Quigley gave him the lead role in the movie”Jack, Knight and King”this being the tape that marked his debut on the big screenand this brought him a lot of popularity, because after the premiere he was in the taste of the public and in particular of film producers and directors.

Luis Aguilar was a soldier before becoming an actor Photo: Special

Who were Luis Aguilar’s wives?

Amidst the fame he had gained with his early films Louis Aguilar meet Anna Maria Almadawith whom married April 17, 1946. From this marriage were born his daughters Anna Luisa Aguilar and Martha Fernanda. In the meantime, the actor got more roles that brought him international fame, such as in the films: “The Happy Boy”, “The Cock of the Giro” -this being the one who will give him his artist nickname- and “ATM full steam ahead! »with Pedro Infanta.

Although in the 1950s the actor was at his best professional moment, in his private life he presented some problems, because in In August 1954, he divorced his wife Ana María. After two years of their breakup, the interpreter of “I will not come back” and “The Sinaloan“, he gave love a chance again, this time with the actress Rosario Galvez, who was also a star of the golden age and who became his great love.

The big screen diva was a divorced woman with a son, Roberto, however, the idol of the movies married him on April 19, 1957, and raised the actress’s firstborn as her own, for this reason the death of the young man hurt Aguilar so much. In 1966, her stepson died of self-inflicted head shot accidentally with a gun that allegedly belonged to “The Giro Rooster”. Although the couple He had to his son Luis Aguilar Bentthe artist could not recover from the loss of the young man.

Rosario Gálvez was the second wife of Luis Aguilar Photo: INAH/Special

Louis Aguilar continued to work for which he managed to film more than 170 projects, including several with Wild flowerknown for her work in regional Mexican music during the Golden Age and for her marriage to Antonio Aguilar, c.with whom many believe he is related. He has also made feature films with Rosita Quintanafor example “Tú, solo tú” and “Dos coqs de combat”, as well as with Rosa de Castilla, in “Tal para cual”, among others.

His last film was “The Greta Yearsfor which he received his first and only Ariel Award in 1993 in the category “Best male co-actor”. Luis Aguilar died on October 24, 1997, at the age of 79, at his home in Mexico City following a myocardial infarction.


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