The last “4-0” that Cruz Azul received and its consequences

The last "4-0" that Cruz Azul received and its consequences

Cruz Azul were beaten 4-0 by Santos Laguna in the 2022 opener and recalled recent painful spells against Pachuca and Pumas

Blue Cross stumbled before Santos Lagoon for a 4-0 victory in Day 7 from Opening 2022with whom he signed one of his worst results in the last ten tournaments and also remembered one of his darkest spells at Liguilla.

the nightmare for Blue Cross on the grass of the Territory Saints Modelo started in the 18th minute, thanks to a header from Javier Correa, after taking advantage of the poor record of the defense from a corner and worsened during the add-on, conceding three more goals in just nine minutes.

At 48′, Hugo Rodríguez finished the header very close to the center of the goal and once again took advantage of the poor defensive performance. Four minutes later, a fall from Omar Campos on the left wing culminates in a strike from Eduardo Aguirre at the entrance to the small area and, at 57′, Carlos Orrantia closes the score with a cross shot from the right side, close to the final line, after a serve from Fernando Gorriarán.

For this reason, ESPN remember the last two defeats of Blue Cross with a score of 4 to 0.

Pachuca vs. Blue Cross | Day 11, Opening 2017

On September 28, 2017, Blue Cross he visited the Hidalgo stadium with Paco Jémez during his last duels in charge of the team and left beaten by a Pachuca whose strategy was in charge of Enrique Meza.

At 17′, a counter-attack from Franco Jara on the right wing led to a cross pass in front of the defense which finally found Edson Puch to push the ball into the back of the net including a sweep and, at 37′, the same Jara took advantage of his speed to squeeze between two defenders and define close to the penalty spot.

The second part of the duel continues with an alternation of dominance and calm for both goals, until at 85′, a filtered pass from the right finds Victor Guzmán, who takes off two defenders en route to the center of the surface and culminates the game being played. with a kick of the left foot. To close the account, a new counter-attack puts Keisuke Honda alone against Jordan Silva, who is dribbled and sees a powerful shot from the Japanese to beat Jesús Corona.

On this occasion, the big scoreboard did not deal a blow to the management of Paco Jémez, since he returned to Blue Cross to a Liguilla after tournaments on the eve of the final, but left the team once its participation in the competition ended, at the hands of América in the quarter-finals.

Cougars vs. Blue Cross | Semi-final Vuelta, Opening 2020

On December 6, 2020, coach Robert Dante Siboldi said goodbye to the sky-blue bench with one of the greatest ‘cruzazuleadas’ in the club’s history, as the team was knocked out of La Liguilla after Cougars equaled a 4-0 advantage that the “Machine” obtained on the field of the Azteca stadium.

The match started in style for the universities, who opened the scoring in the 4th minute, after a corner that Julio César Domínguez did not take and which Juan Dinenno took advantage of to push the ball into the net.

At 38′, Juan Iturbe overflowed on the right wing and fired a shot that Sebastián Jurado saved, but the rebound fell on the studs of Dinenno, who sent the ball into the net.

Carlos González feeds the hopes of the auriazules at 41′, with a powerful cross shot which ends up deceiving the cement goalkeeper.

In the last 10 minutes, Blue Cross He chose to wait for the final whistle, but a ball in the box found Juan Pablo Vigón at 89′ and with that they consummated the shameful elimination.

Five days later, Robert Dante Siboldi announced his resignation as coach of Blue Cross and stressed that he did not like the criticism of the lack of professionalism towards him and his players, since he had always set himself the goal of being champion in Liga MX.

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