Karely Ruiz oozes style with skintight pants and black lingerie

Karely Ruiz oozes style with skintight pants and black lingerie

Karen Ruiz has become an essential personality on social networks thanks to his photographs which have earned him a shower of compliments by showing his sculptural figureas in his last postcard from Cuernavaca where he opted for a new look with lingerie.

The young woman from MontereyNuevo León, quickly gained popularity on social media, which led her to become one of the highest paid Mexicans in only fans with other celebrities like Yanet GarciaNinel Conde, Celia Lora and Dulce Soltero.

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His photographs have defied censorship on Instagram and ICT Tac several times, which caused them to close their accounts. Although this did not stop her and continues to delight her followers with revealing outfits, among which those with bikinis and lingerie stand out.

Karely Ruiz in black lingerie. Photo: Instagram @karelyruiz

Like the newest he used during his visit to “The City of Eternal Spring”, he opted for pants equipped with a bell design which combined with delicate black lingerie in the upper part of the body. Although later he changed his mind and decided to wear animal print pants.

Karely Ruiz in Cuernavaca

The 21-year-old model was part of the Pride of the Horn 2022 and therefore his stay in Morelos after spending a few days enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of MazatlanSinaloa, where she was caught walking bikini accompanied by her boyfriend and family.

Members of the LGBT community marched from the dove of peace towards the main square of Cuernavacawhere a whole show was prepared in which Karely Ruiz performed around 09:00 in the evening.

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Karely Ruiz is named Queen at Cuerna Pride 2022. Photo: Instagram @karelyruiz

At the event, the model once again surprised with a bikini-style outfit with shiny details on the bust and hips in the colors of the LGBT flag; Additionally, he was named Queen.

Regarding his next projects, Karely Ruiz decided to keep his plans completely secret and confessed the reason in a dynamic with his fans: “I don’t like to count things because people already know that pure bad vibes, to avoid that before the projects come out, I better do them and then they will find out”.


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