Niurka Marcos assumes her love with Juan Vida and assures: “I would keep it”

Niurka Marcos assumes her love with Juan Vida and assures: "I would keep it"

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Juan Vidal and Nirka Marcos spend a fun and romantic weekend in Yucatan, which helped them find each other and open a new chapter in their love story. far from the eyes of the cameras of “The House of Celebrities” and to face criticism and comments.

And that’s it, Niurka and Juan Vidal have been shouting from the rooftops in recent days about their love and how ready they are to keep it, despite all that has been said about the actor and his ex Cynthia Klitbo’s accusationswho accuses him of being a Chichifo, maintained and swindler.

However, The Cuban made it very clear that no one would talk about Juan Vidal and she wouldn’t talk about her romantic relationship with Klitbo, because she’s no match for her, because a woman who’s way below her, “I didn’t take that away from her, it’s mine now.”

Niurka ready to defend Juna Vidal from Cynthia Klitbo

“I don’t care…what she says.” I’ll only tell you I’ll keep it, see it, it’s worth it, but it is not because the situation is not like that, ”said La Mujer Escándalo, stressing with Maxine Wooside that she is happy with the actor and that is the only thing that matters for her right now.

While Juan Vidal explained that he has already paid his debt to Cynthia Klitbo, in addition to the fact that he does not know why he accuses her of psychological harm, when she has a history of complicated romantic relationships, where there were not only insults, but even beatings.

We share this video of Juan Vidal and Niurka upon their arrival at CDMX:

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