“We need you”, shouts the Chivas team to the fans

"We need you", shouts the Chivas team to the fans

The Guadalajara players went to the conference together after the Clásico Tapatío to ask for the support of their fans

After the seasoned draw of defeat against Atlas in the Classic Tapatiothe campus of the Chivas with his three captains he came out to show his face in place of the technical director Richard Chain to shout to their fans to continue to support them in the face of the poor progress of the Rojiblanco team in this tournament.

Captains Issac Brizuela, Jesús Sánchez and Fernando Beltrán came out to represent the team from Guadalajara to send a message to Rojiblanca fans, after adding their eighth consecutive game without knowing victory in the current tournament.

The first to speak was Issac Brizuela, assuring they are saddened and frustrated by the moment he is living Chivasso they took responsibility for the coaching staff to show their faces as a team.

“We’re embarrassed, frustrated, hurt by the fans and being here, maybe that doesn’t make us heroes. The technical staff have talked too much, it’s up to us,” he said. .

For his part, Jesús Sánchez, underlined that they were not up to the task and that they were left to their duty with the fans of Rojiblanca: “We were not up to the task, we have been left to our duty and we are trying to reverse that. We want to thank you for your support today.“, he added.

In the last part of the conference, Fernando Beltrán was in charge of announcing to Rojiblanca fans that, as a thank you for the support given to this tournament, the ticket office for the next match at the Akron stadium against Monterrey will be free.

“A little chat with the board, with richardwe realized that today the fans gave their all, they supported us in an incredible way, until the last minute they believed in us and we want to tell them not to abandon us, that we need them, we did everything to win it and in the end it did not reach us. We want to tell fans that the next box office is free. Today we feel that something more is given and that motivates us to continue working,” he concluded.

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