Will you be able to find the letter “X” in 5 seconds? Visual riddle for BEGINNERS

Will you be able to find the letter "X" in 5 seconds?  Visual riddle for BEGINNERS

During this visual challenge you must make an effort not to be part of the Internet users who failed on the first try, you must persevere both in the puzzles and in life.

To find the different letter you have to observe carefully, but make sure you do it at maximum speed because time doesn’t stop and it might end before you reach the goal. This challenge will help you improve your observation and analysis skills, since you must observe colors and shapes to distinguish the letter hidden in the multicolored image it presents to us. cool guru.

Moreover, this type of puzzles Visuals are one of the best options to keep your mind healthy, because through these challenges you can release tension and avoid further neurodegenerative problems.

What is the visual challenge?

This colorful “Y” letter stencil hides a different letter, your task is to find it almost instantly. Sharpen your eyes if you want to win and prepare your stopwatch because you have to take into account the time which is 5 seconds, will you have this visual speed necessary to find the different letter?


Photo: cool guru

Do you know where the different letter is? Maybe yes or maybe not, but if you were too observant, you might have found it before the time limit. We’ll help you find the letter, with the following clue we’re sure you’ll spot the “X” quickly.


Find the different letter among the blue letters

If you want, you can try again, don’t rush, you have the same time. If you don’t want this, you can ignore the hint and move on to the solution.


The letter “X” is located in the lower corner and is blue, see the following image.

Photo: cool guru

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