Marc Anthony responds to concerns about his extreme thinness

Marc Anthony responds to concerns about his extreme thinness

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A few days ago some pictures of Mark Anthony hanging out and sunbathing with the Beckham family on their yacht in Florida, USA; However, many netizens were concerned when they saw the ultra-thin singer with an extremely tired face. Of course, the comments reached him and he decided to respond on social networks that he is fine.

It must be said that the paparazzi photographs of the interpreter of “Vivir mi vida” are not the best that have been taken of him in his career, since he was in a moment of total relaxation dressed only in shorts, without a shirt or shoes and the wind was ruffling his hair. An unflattering situation for no one.

But what her followers highlighted was the slender body that stood out because leaving her chest bare and almost full of tattoos, they could notice how small her complexion was to the point of concern. Some fans even mentioned that he might have an illness after the grueling tour he offered across Europe called “Pa’llá voy”, and the fall where he injured his back.

Finally. In fact, Marc Anthony tried to reassure his audience by mentioning that he was full of energy for his next projects and clarified that not being accompanied by his partner Nadia Ferrera That didn’t mean they were having a relationship crisis or something similar, she just wanted to enjoy Miami Beach that day, as seen on her social media, while her boyfriend was visiting her grandma. friend David Beckham and his sons.

Marc Anthony responds to those who worried about his extreme thinness

The Puerto Rican-American singer has posted a video and some photos from one of his last concerts to send a message to anyone worried about his health.

“Taking advantage of the best energy, in two weeks we continue #TourLife! #EstoSigueee”, he wrote in the description to make sure he is not sick and on the contrary has a good energy to continue, trying to reassure worried fans and taking the opportunity to announce that new dates for his presentations in different countries will come.

He has a large group of fans who follow him and take care of him. After the tour and a fall that hurt his back, he disappeared for a while and they thought the next time they saw him he would be totally renewed; Since this was not the case, they suspected that he had withdrawn from social media due to a health problem. Fortunately, Marc Anthony clarified that this was not the case and he finds himself with all the energy to continue his concerts.

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