The most common health problems among workers

The most common health problems among workers

In Mexico, the time people devote to their work exceeds 40 hours per week and even more in the home office.

Derived from work conditions and activities, it is common for employees to develop issues that affect both their physical and emotional health.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that every year 2.78 million workers die from work-related causes, of which 2.4 million are related to diseases and the rest to work-related accidents.

“Faced with such a difficult scenario, it is necessary for companies to be aware of the mental, physical and emotional well-being of their employees and provide tools and programs to prevent the onset of conditions that affect their quality of life. For this, it is vital to provide support so that workers adopt healthy lifestyles. The effort must be joint between organizations and employees,” says Leonel Hernández, CEO of Care Assistance.

“Occupational illnesses have a direct impact on the well-being of employees, but they also cause damage to companies, since absenteeism for these reasons or a poor physical, mental or emotional state can represent a drop in productivity or impact the ‘working environment.” .

Health problems

Occupational diseases are those that are related to work activities or that develop as a result of exposure to chemical, biological or physical agents in the workplace.

According to the study Occupational safety and health in Latin America and the Caribbeanprepared by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), up to 80% of workers are exposed to this type of danger.

According to this document, between 50% and 70% of the workforce in the countries of the region are exposed to injuries and musculoskeletal disorders due to poor ergonomic working conditions and heavy physical loads.

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that worldwide, the most common occupational health problems are:

  • Back pain (37%)
  • Hearing loss (16%)
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (13%)

In Mexico, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Revision (STPS) point out that the most common occupational diseases are:

Musculoskeletal diseases

Neurological diseases, especially cases of stress, the Depressionanxiety, lack of concentration, etc.

Respiratory diseases

Cardiovascular diseases associated with bad eating habits that have led to diseases such as diabetes or obesity

Otological diseases, derived from continuous and chronic exposure to high frequency noise, related to manufacturing or industrial jobs.

Medical insurance

Given this scenario, it is essential that preventive health programs are prioritized on a professional and personal level. Currently, most health insurers have wellness programs that seek to serve their customers in a preventive manner.

To date there are more than 40 million people without social security in Mexico, getting medical insurance is therefore your option to stay protected.

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