Sheinbaum and Boyfriend Release Never-Before-Seen Juan Gabriel ‘Dove’: ‘What Matters Is Love’

Sheinbaum and Boyfriend Release Never-Before-Seen Juan Gabriel 'Dove': 'What Matters Is Love'

Behind the political events, the tailors and the statistics of Mexico City, there is a Claudia Sheinbaum who loves music, especially if it’s that of the Mexican composer, Jean-Gabriel (1950-2016).

This Sunday, the head of government of the capital showed that the rancheras do not sing badly, and accompanied by a guitar and her boyfriend, Jesus Maria TarribaSheinbaum performed the song Always in my mind. “That’s how Jesus and I are, naturally, at odds. What matters is love. Good night,” the post read.

Since its revelation as Morena’s corcholata for the elections 2024, Sheinbaum has shown her most human side through social media. On June 21, during her confinement due to COVID, the official displayed her apartment at the town hall of Cuauhtémoc.

The property, which the president has been renting for 5 or 6 years, has a “small” living room, an office, a dining room, a balcony where she has some plants, a kitchen, a ‘a series of libraries and paintings by his son Rodrigo, who He explained that he is a painter and documentary filmmaker.

In the recording, Sheinbaum also appears with a guitar: “It’s very nice, Jesus gave it to me, he bought it there at the center.” Sheinbaum also played a few chords. “Already on another occasion we sing together, it’s worth making requests,” joked the head of government, and commented that she usually plays on Sundays with her partner and performs songs by Juan Gabriel “My father liked it very much John Gabriel. With Jesus we play the songs of Janga”.

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