These will be the states with links in a new WhatsApp update

These will be the states with links in a new WhatsApp update

The application of whatsapp instant messaging It is an essential basic in a cellphone as it allows users to stay in communication with their contacts in addition to constantly updating the Software so that with successive versions they are attached New functions that improve the user experience of its customers, in the same way as voice notes, photos, videos, emojis and stickers were gradually integrated.

With these characteristics, communication between people is enriched by not being limited to text messages in their digital conversations, but sometimes the company – which, as instagram is part of Objective That is Facebookas it is also called – must test a feature before it is released to the general public.

One of the long-awaited novelties of the popular application has been known since May of this year, but only on more recent dates do users begin to have the opportunity to test the new version, the novelty of which is that it completely refreshes the appearance. of the Statuses in WhatsApp with embedded links.

This novelty comes to WhatsApp to improve the appearance of your States with links. (Pixabay)

WhatsApp statuses can include text and also a address URLs to share with contacts on the digital platform, but its appearance has been improved so that when the update is launched, you can see the “rich links” in which a box with a website overview to whom the link refers, in addition to the title of the page and further information about it.

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For now, when a status with an embedded URL is shared, the text is displayed only in the center, while at the bottom there is a box with portal information accessible by simply clicking on the item.

So, you will just have to tap on the new rich link to open the website that was served through the States tool, without much difference in terms of the practical effects of the change, but, marking a much more aesthetic appearance for the mobile app. gate.

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Some may already start testing this revamped version of States, which is in beta development. Currently, there’s only one way to find out if you already have access to this edition, and that’s by posting one of these on your WhatsApp, where you place a URL link to a webpage to check if it is already presented on your application the new presentation of the tool.

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