Survivor Mexico: They filter out the ELIMINATED of week 8 of the competition

Survivor Mexico: They filter out the ELIMINATED of week 8 of the competition

The contest of surviving mexico, advance more and more, the two tribes will therefore have to demonstrate in the coming weeks to viewers that they have the skills necessary to survive on the Dominican beaches and thus be able to avoid being deported.

As has happened with other TV Azteca reality shows, spoilers for the competition have been leaked on social media, announcing drastic changes to the competition.

Recently in social networks it was announced that in real time there is already a new deleted for the week 8 of the competition Survivor Mexicowhich sparked a controversy among the followers of the survival reality TV show.

Who will be the next eliminated from Survivor Mexico? (SPOILERS)

As the ‘Analista TV’ YouTube channel revealed, viewers will witness one of the most controversial eliminations of the season this week.

Despite the fact that Jacky Ramírez has just joined the reality TV cast, she was granted immunity for being Survivor’s newcomer, which she is apparently going to let go of, because as revealed by the YouTube channel, the influencer will specify that she has the necessary talent to be in the competition without any type of protection.

In addition, the reality show will take an unexpected turn, because for the first time in the season, the tribes will lose their immunity and in this way, a member of the teams will have to leave the competition.

Although the names of the eliminated candidates have not been revealed, it is believed that Carim, Christian and Katy are the candidates most in danger of leaving the reality show, however, the YouTube channel assured that the deleted will be a member of the Falcon Tribe.

The Falcon Tribe have already been at a disadvantage in recent weeks as they lost some of their strongest elements and this has raised alarms among viewers as they hope that soon the members of the yellow team can regain the top spot. . contest of surviving Mexico.

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