6 phone codes you need to pay attention to: don’t pick up if you’re not sure

6 phone codes you need to pay attention to: don't pick up if you're not sure

If you see missed calls on your mobile from numbers with these prefixes, do not return them: it’s a scam.

6 phone codes you need to pay attention to: don't pick up if you're not sure

Every day more and more criminals try to scam us using our mobile device and lately the so-called missed call scam. This type of scam consists of criminals they leave you a missed call for you to return and if you do, you call a paid number whose price per minute is very high and all that special rate they charge you goes straight into the pocket of scammers.

For this reason and to prevent you from falling victim to this scam, today we come to discover The 5 telephone prefixes to be careful with. Our recommendation in this regard is never to take a call from a number with these prefixes if you are not sure you know the person on the other end of the line.

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Never return missed calls to numbers with these prefixes: it’s a scam.

Which phone numbers are dangerous?

Missed call scam only works when you receive a call from a foreign numbersince, if it is a Spanish number, even if you return it, your telephone operator will not charge you anything, because practically all mobile tariffs have unlimited calls.

Thus, the phone numbers to be wary of are those that have a prefix outside of Spain and obviously neither you nor me we know by heart the prefixes of all the provinces of Spainthe most sensible thing to do is to consult this complete list that we have prepared with all the prefixes of Spain.

In addition to these calls from foreign numbers, you may also receive calls from Spanish numbers which, although they will not scam you, they will try to purchase certain services from telephone and electricity companies, mainly. In order for you to identify them quickly, we have also compiled all suspicious SPAM numbers in Spain in this comprehensive guide.

In any case, if you want to avoid SPAM calls on your mobile numbers, we recommend that you subscribe to the Robinson list to avoid being called.

These are the phone prefixes that leave missed calls to scam you

Once you know which phone numbers are dangerous, we will detail The six telephone prefixes to avoid at all costsbecause all they want is for you to call them back so they can keep your money.

These are The 6 fraudulent telephone prefixes and their origin:

  • 212: Morocco
  • 225: Ivory Coast
  • 233: Ghana
  • 234: Nigerian
  • 355: Albanian
  • 387: Bosnia and Herzegovina

How to identify fraudulent prefixes

In addition to ensuring that you do not return any calls from a number with these prefixes, the easiest way to identify fraudulent prefixes is to activate on your Android mobile Caller ID service and spam protection. To do this, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the Phone application on your Android mobile
  • Click on the three vertical dots button located in the upper right corner
  • Enter the section Settings
  • Click on the option Caller ID and Spam
  • Click the switches that appear to the right of the three available options:
    • Show caller ID and spam
    • Filter unwanted calls
    • verified calls

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