Despite the insecurity, the internal doctors begin their social service

Despite the insecurity, the internal doctors begin their social service

With the fear of insecurity that exists in various areas of Zacatecas, this Monday they begin their social service more than 200 medical interns in health centers and hospitals in rural communities in the state.

Despite the commitments made by the authorities of the State Secretariats for Health and Safety, uncertainty persists as to the history of extortion and assault against students of past generations.

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According to José Yutzín de la Rosa, representative of the northern zone of the Mexican Association of Social Services Medicine Interns (AMMPSS), about 50 disgruntled interns plan to attend as part of a protest.

In an interview he said that protests would resume in case the government fails to meet a list of commitments it has made in recent days, after the demonstrations organized at the General Hospital of Zacatecas and during the march last Monday.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Health (SSZ) has rejected the request to cancel social service in all areas of the state considered unsafe. According to AMMPSS members, incidents have been reported in municipalities such as Valparaíso, Loreto, Nochistlán, Jerez and Fresnillo.

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According to what the Secretary of Health, Uswaldo Pinedo Barrios, told this media, the social service cannot be suspended since “It’s something that has to be met, it’s part of the official standard, it’s part of their medical training, it’s part of the process they have to go through to graduate.”

The official told this media that he would be aware of any eventuality and said that there will be a provision to relocate any student who reports a condition that threatens his integrity.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, doctors will hold a protest at the state convention where they will present the social service internal medical law initiativewhich stipulates a special security strategy for those who perform their social service, as well as the reduction of hours, the increase of the scholarship and the provision of supplies and medicines in all units.

Authorities’ commitments

One of the main agreements with the SSZ is that trainees can leave their place of work immediately in case of contingency that undermines their integrity and they will have up to 10 days to draw up a report of the facts so that they can be assigned a new place.

Evening and night shifts have also been cancelled. The service hours will be from 07:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (before it ends at 6:00 p.m.) so that they can go to the municipal offices with greater peace of mind.

The AMMPSS representative regretted that it was not possible to suspend the social service in various areas considered to be at risk because the clinical spaces would be insufficient to accommodate all the interns.

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“We agree with the authorities that as a group, we will continue the demonstrations until these measures are guaranteed and implemented in a generalized way in favor of the trainees”he confided to this media.

Representatives of the Association met with the rector of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), Rubén Ibarra Reyes, and the director of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine, Rosa Martha Covarrubias, and agreed to create a specialized department to management of contingencies related to trainees.

In addition the rector promised to organize a working table with the security secretary Public to form an inter-institutional protocol with the participation of UAZ, security authorities and the Ministry of Health.

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