Cristian Castro reacted to teasing over his change of look

Cristian Castro reacted to teasing over his change of look

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Christian Castro is at a time when he likes to play with his look, specifically with the color of her hair. There are days a meme went viral where they compared him to a troll after the extravagant outfit with which he appeared in the Argentine show “Sing with me now” where he participates as a judge with the Venezuelan José Luis Rodríguez, also known as “El Puma”. Now Verónica Castro’s son has reacted to the teasing he received on social media.

Cristian Castro has been involved in many controversies throughout his singing career. Since he was a child, he had the attention and the cameras very close to him as he was the son of two important figures in the world of entertainment; However, now that he has grown up and established himself as one of the most recognized singers in the industry, he accepts invitations as a judge in music programs, teaching his talent and education for years. .

However, it looks like she’s become a character on the show “Sing with me now” as her wardrobe, makeup, and hair color have been more extravagant than ever. But he clarified that the production actually chooses him, not him, but he tries to have fun with everything he sees on the internet about his appearance.

He clarified in an interview that he was okay with the production dressing him in intense colors and outlandish combinations to amuse the audience and have fun, as he assures, he really enjoys the changes.

“I try to have a little fun, excited as a jury, you have to differentiate yourself from everyone, it’s like a circus, I did some weird looks. In one, I looked like an Austin Powers badly eaten and badly paid”Cristian Castro commented with a laugh for an interview on Telenoche.

Part of the reason for his looks is also that he’s come to terms with not having had a TV space for a long time, so he wanted to take this opportunity to do something different regardless of what others were saying about him.

“They disguised me as a Troll, I don’t know, the thing is, I go to extremes to have something different, that every airing of every program is something different and have fun too, one of my moments that I haven’t had on television for a long time”added Cristian Castro about the Troll memes circulating on the internet.

It must be recognized that the son of Veronique Castro In fact, it’s not the first time he’s looked so extravagant; in the past he has also surprised with colorful and unexpected looks but chosen by him.

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