He takes the subway with monkey pox because they didn’t tell him to self-isolate

He takes the subway with monkey pox because they didn't tell him to self-isolate

Through social networks, a Spanish doctor has revealed the case of a man, infected with monkeypox, who traveled by metro in this country because his doctor did not recommend that he isolate himself to avoid contagion.

According to surgeon Arturo M Henriques, on July 15, the man, “completely covered with wounds from head to toe, including the hands”, boarded the metro in the municipality of Legazpi and traveled with the other passengers. like he wasn’t sick.

“I cautiously approached the man and said, ‘what are you doing on the subway if you have monkeypox?’ His answer: Yes, I have that, but my doctor did not tell me that I had to stay at home. Only that he wears a mask, ”explained the doctor.

On his Twitter account, Arturo M Henriques explained that he tried to make the man see that the wounds on his body were the most contagious, but he ignored it.

“I tell him that the wounds he has all over his body are the most contagious. That I am a doctor and that he may not have understood all the indications of his general practitioner. What he told me he wouldn’t touch his balls,” he said.

Elsewhere in the post, the surgeon attempted to alert people traveling near the man with monkeypox, who ignored the advice.

“Me: Madam, aren’t you afraid of getting sick?

Lady: How am I going to cope if I’m not gay. One from the government said it was the gays who should take care of themselves,” he added.

Finally, the surgeon left the question open to social media users: “How many people could he get sick?”

In the same publication, he writes that now, when he travels on the subway, he tries not to touch anything to avoid getting infected, let alone sit in places.


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