The Earth breaks a rotation record and completes its turn in less than 24 hours

The Earth breaks a rotation record and completes its turn in less than 24 hours

The Ground scored a new recording the past July 29 when you finish your rotational movement in 1.59 milliseconds faster than its Standard 24 hour returnsay scientists.

This means that our planet has recorded its shortest day since these measures exist because he recently disappeared increase your speedAccording to the report.

The cause of changes in Earth’s rotational speed is still unknown, but researchers believe it could be due to various factors such as variations in basic processes, oceans, tides or even changes in climate.

Other experts also suggest it could be related to the movement of the planet’s geographic poles across its surface, known as the “Chandler Oscillation.”

What effects does it have?

If the Earth continues to spin at an increasing speed, this could lead to the introduction of negative “leap seconds”, in an effort to keep the speed at which the planet orbits the Sun in sync with the measurement of atomic clocks.

However, the negative “leap second” would have potentially confusing consequences for smartphones, computers and communication systems.

This is because the clock advances from 23:59:59 to 23:59:60 before resetting at 00:00:00.

A time jump like this can therefore crash programs and corrupt data due to timestamps in data storage.

According to expert projections, if a negative “leap second” occurs, the clock will jump from 23:59:58 to 00:00:00, and this could have a “devastating effect” on software that relies on timers and programmers.

To solve this problem, international timekeepers may need to add a negative “leap second”: a “decreasing” second.

In particular, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the standard by which the world regulates clocks and time, has already been updated with a “leap second” 27 times.

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