New online courses from UNAM with official certification Register for FREE!

New online courses from UNAM with official certification Register for FREE!

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) made available from the platform will race a set of courses MOOCsi.e. massive, online and free.

Each of the courses is made up of videos, lessons, quizzes, exercises and materials with the aim of achieving a unique and enriching experience. The user can decide how to work, a flexible program is used which allows him to study “at your own pacesince the dates and times are unlimited. At the end of the course, you can request a certificate with curricular value, which is valid to attach within resume or the profile of LinkedIn.

Before you start, we recommend that you review each course and the topics that will be covered, as well as the duration so that you can organize your times and dates on the calendar.


1. Credit and collection

In the first place, we have a course essentially focused on the credit function, its importance, its origins, its organizations, its types of management, its planning, its risks, its amortization calculation and its instruments, to name a few. only a few, are thorough.

It has an estimated duration of 16 hours and will be under the direction of Norman Wolf del Valle, professor of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration, UNAM. Content is beginner level; lessons include videos, readings and quizzes; then the theme is displayed.

Module 1. Credit
Module 2. Credit and Collections Department
Module 3. Credit and collection policies
Module 4. Credit Analysis
Module 5. Collection
Module 6. Roll of Honor

2. Introduction to finance

During this course, you will study finance, value and financial resources. Likewise, some basic tools (analysis, control and evaluation) will be detailed to create a financial plan and adequate business management. A time limit of 10 hours is estimated to complete this course. The training is under the responsibility of Daniel Roberto Béjar López, Master in Administration of the Postgraduate Program in Administrative Sciences, UNAM.

Theme 1. Financial information
Topic 2. Basic Financial Statements
Theme 3. Financial analysis
Topic 4. Financial control tools
Theme 5. Short- and long-term financial management
Theme 6. Portfolio management
Topic 7. Business creation
Topic 8. Business creation


3. Android Basics

This course is intended to familiarize the user with Android Studio tools, applications, material design, virtual solutions, and layout practices for different APPS. The person in charge of the training will be Professor Anahí Salgado, certified Android application developer, programmer, trainer and lecturer at UNAM. This course establishes an approximate duration of 12 hours and is composed of four units.

Unit 1. Introduction to Android
Unit 2. Hello world and Android Studio
Unit 3. Composing an Android Project
Unit 4. Components of an Android Mobile Application
Unit 5. Design Patterns

4. Introduction to Java

In this course, you will acquire basic and intermediate knowledge of Java, which is one of the most important and popular languages ​​in the field of programming. Considering its usefulness in the job market, this course has the initiative to provide professional training where various aspects such as interface classes, methods, Java libraries, execution diagrams will be included, and you learn to apply all the knowledge acquired in real life while solving problems. Who will be in charge of the instruction will be the experienced Elisa Viso Gurovich, professor at the Faculty of Science and the Department of Mathematics. The program has an estimated duration of 30 hours.

Module 1. The programming process
Module 2. Basic Java Programming
Module 3. Advancing Java Programming
Module 4. Tables and their manipulation
Module 5. User Interaction


5. Peritoneal dialysis

This peritoneal dialysis course is geared towards anyone wishing to learn personal care at home, the program goes into this area of ​​nursing in depth i.e. knowledge of normal kidney function and CKD will be covered. In addition, you will learn how to carry out an adequate check-up, on care, hygiene measures, manual systems and how to react in the event of complications.

To achieve a fluid and simple training, the course is developed in the form of theoretical and practical lessons, no date or deadline is established, although it lasts approximately 7 hours. The training will be in charge of Ma. Cristina Rodríguez Zamora, Coordinator of the Postgraduate in Nephrological Nursing, FES Iztacala.

Module 1. Basics of renal physiology
Module 2. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Module 3. Basics and principles of peritoneal dialysis
Module 4. Training program for teaching peritoneal dialysis
Module 5. Connectology Systems


6. Music technology with free software

Do you love music and dream of being able to create your first song professionally? It is possible with this course, in which you will learn the basic concepts to be able to start in this environment, the technological tools for this purpose and the software available. The advantage of this course is the fluidity which makes it possible to put into practice the knowledge acquired after each session and to consolidate the mistakes of the student. The instruction is entrusted to Diego Alberto Tinajero Islas, specialist in musical production of the Faculty of Music.

Session 1. Music production as a creative practice
Session 2. Sound theory, audio recording and editing
Session 3. Introduction to music theory and MIDI sequencing
Session 4. Musical structures
Session 5. Introduction to post-production


7. Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry

The following course is available for people who want to learn how to solve problems from start to finish. Fundamental concepts, their applications in problems, conic sections, among other topics, will be discussed. Although this is a beginner level, it is required to have basic knowledge of mathematics. The program has a duration of 32 hours and it is recommended to attend 2-3 hours a day, it will be in charge of Mario Jiménez Velasco, Associate Professor B of TC, CCH-Sur.

Theme 1. Elements of trigonometry
Topic 2. Basic elements of analytical geometry
Topic 3. The straight line, the parabola and its Cartesian equation
Topic 4. Circumference and ellipse


8. Robotics

With this course, you will be able to create your own robot and control it from a mobile device. Basic and enjoyable lessons are implemented to explore the mechanics, electronics and programming techniques that will be needed for the final project. No background knowledge or prior experience of any kind is required and lasts approximately 11 hours. The instructor in charge will be Dr. Enrique Ruiz Velasco, Senior Researcher, University and Education Research Institute.

know the program

Session 1. Let’s talk about robots
Session 2. Building my first robot
Session 3. Controlling my robot
Session 4. Programming my robot
Session 5. What else can we build?

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