Xiaomi has created a robot in the shape (and size) of a human being: it costs 86,000 euros

Xiaomi has created a robot in the shape (and size) of a human being: it costs 86,000 euros

If it goes on sale, it could have a price of more than 86,000 euros at the exchange rate

yes in his time you freaked out with him Xiaomi Cyber ​​Dog, I’m afraid that the news of the Beijing firm will leave you indifferent. During Lei Jun’s annual speechCEO and co-founder of the brand, where the new Xiaomi MIX Fold was also presented, the company showed the world its new project within the robotics division: the Xiaomi Cyber ​​One.

This is a humanoid robot weighing 52 kilograms and measuring 1.76 meterswho can move at a speed of up to 3.6 kilometers per hour, and even hold objects with his hands.

The new Xiaomi CyberOne

One of the CyberOne images shared by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi CyberOne, the Beijing giant’s humanoid robot

The CyberOne’s aesthetic seems clearly inspired by Optimus, the humanoid robot presented by Tesla a few months ago. Like Elon Musk’s robot, Xiaomi’s has human formits body measures 1.77 meters and its head has an OLED panel behind which hides some of the sensors that give “life” to the particular gadget.

These sensors are responsible for supporting the my sensory systemwhich allows the robot detect emotions. The OLED screen displays colors depending on the context of the situation, as seen in one of the videos shared by the brand.

Along its body and limbs, the robot has 21 different movement points which allow you to make free movements. With this you can get a maximum travel speed of 3.6 kilometers per hour.

Xiaomi has confirmed that CyberOne is a project at a very early stage of development, and they don’t plan to start mass-producing it, at least in the short term. As for his pricealthough no figures have been specified, the brand implies that could reach 86,000 euros at the exchange rate.

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