The August 2022 Android Update is now available for download: all the news

The August 2022 Android Update is now available for download: all the news

If you have a compatible mobile, you can now download and install the Android August 2022 Update

The August 2022 Android Update is now available for download: all the news

Google has not missed its appointment with the august android update: with the first Monday of the month, comes a new security updatepublished with the security patch which fixes operating system vulnerabilities discovered in the last few weeks. This month’s security bulletin is now available on the Android website.

The August 2022 Android Update will be available to download on Google Pixel devices starting with Pixel 4 and up to Pixel 6a.

One more month, Samsung managed to get ahead of Google and in the past few days it had already updated some of its models with the August patch. However, keep in mind that manufacturers have access to the patch a few days before Google releases it in its newsletter, so it’s no surprise that some companies manage to get ahead of it.

Android Update August 2022

Google has already released the Android update for August 2022

Android August update arrives to fix security issues

How to Update Android to the Latest Version Without Having an Official Update

In this case, we are not talking about a Pixel Feature Drop type update, since it does not introduce functional changes or new features intended for Pixel series phones.

Curiously, this time Google did not publish the factory images or OTA files corresponding to this new update. And it is that everything seems to indicate that August 2022 security patch will be released with the final Android 13 update for Pixel devices in just days.

In contrast, the security bulletin lists all vulnerabilities that have been fixed with this update, ranked according to the level of threat they pose to the platform. Some of them are Specific performance and security improvements for Pixel mobiles.

The Android Security Patch August 2022 It will be released gradually in the next few hours via OTA, and will gradually reach compatible models. Before this date, it will be possible download the corresponding update packages for each deviceto perform the manual installation, either by the OTA file or by the factory image of each terminal:

Google Developers | OTA files

Google Developers | factory pictures

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