Locate the word “PRAY” and “WATER” in 7 seconds: 80% failed the puzzle

Locate the word "PRAY" and "WATER" in 7 seconds: 80% failed the puzzle

Mental agility is about completing tasks quickly and efficiently, there are certain exercises that help to improve this ability by saying, reading, listening to music or participating in mental games. It is very important to stimulate this ability and the puzzles serve not only to develop the mind but also to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

In the same way, it is recommended to rest, to walk, to have an adequate diet and to participate in other types of games in order to obtain a productive training focused on visual acuity and mental agility.

What is today’s riddle about?

In this visual puzzle we are presented with a worksheet with the word “LINE” It contains two different words, to complete this challenge you just have to find them before the time limit.

You must not only watch but observe and use your sharpness in all its glory so that you can find them in the following illustration and finish before the established time. It should be noted that this is one of the puzzles the most popular on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, do not stay out and also compete for the best time. Only great observers and analysts will pull off this visual puzzle.


Photo: cool guru

We will help you find at least one of the words, follow the hint.


Focus your gaze on the first column.

Take another look at the previous image, then come back to find the solution.


Maybe this visual challenge has been difficult for you due to the weather, however, it is a great method to improve your visual and mental acuity, so we invite you to continue participating in this type of game. Now you know the location of the two different words from the rest of the worksheet.

Photo: cool guru

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