You’ve been waiting for it: here we have Casio’s first smart retro watch

You've been waiting for it: here we have Casio's first smart retro watch

If you liked the classic Casio F-91W, know that a manufacturer under the pseudonym “Pegor” is looking for help and options to market this impressive reissue with smart features.

You've been waiting for it: here we have Casio's first smart retro watch

A few days ago we were confirmed that Humane was developing the smartwatch of the future led by several former Apple employees, but since reality is always stranger than fiction today we have the opposite already come trueas an anonymous manufacturer under the nickname of Pegor blew us away by reinventing the iconic Casio F-91W from 1989.

We start with the bad news, and that’s that for now it’s just a project called F91 Kepler and on which its creators are still working, actively seeks help to complete it and be able to market a renewed classic that we will undoubtedly want to have all the millennial geeks from here

Casio F-91W Kepler, by Pegor

That’s how the Casio F-91W ‘Kepler’ is presented, the most iconic digital watch modernized today.

In fact, it is that Pegor relaunched its creation with open licenses for hardware and software to get more developers to approach your project, which is based on modernize the classic Casio F-91W by equipping it with a new motherboard and an OLED screen in which to show us not only the time, but also notifications and information from the smartphone linked via Bluetooth.

The idea is brutal and I love it, so We start with the words of Pegor on its creation:

The F91 Kepler is a complete redesign of the classic Casio F-91W watch. This project completely replaces the original internal parts of the watch and only keeps the case with the original design by adding an OLED screen and a Bluetooth-enabled MCU.

Pegor project repository ‘F91_Kepler’ (on GitLab)

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As you will see from the pictures, Ryusuke Moriai’s original design remains because the case is not affected, as confirmed by its creators, therefore the essence of the Casio F-91W is intact.

In addition, the new OLED display retains similar graphics to those of the iconic house clock in Shibuya, Tokyo, giving it greater intelligence thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and ability to show us calls, messages, notificationsalarms, an extended calendar and many other options, some of which are still under development.

For it, Pegor designed a brand new board around a Texas Instruments CC2640 chip with Cortex-M3 cores, plus some 3d printed anchors perfect for inserting the new electronic devices into the old Casio F-91W case.

Casio F-91W Kepler, by Pegor

Detail of the screen in the foreground, with its notifications and all…

The project started more than a year ago, even though the creator claims to feel exhausted after so much effort so he wants to open it up so that more people can participate and complete it. In fact, it is that at the moment there are features that are not working yetsuch as the complementary smartphone application which does not yet exist or the buttons of the watch itself, of which only one is used for the moment because the creator had thought that the other would be used to activate the screen at will, which can save the battery for up to 15 days of autonomy.

So about this F91 Kepler project from Pegor you can find hardware, firmware and software design filesstill unfinished, under permissive licenses from MIT.

Casio F-91W Kepler, by Pegor

The new clock motherboard, with a TI CC2640 chip and its 3D printed anchor.

Let’s see if they manage to complete it and we will see it appear on a platform of crowdfundingbecause other projects like Sensor watch by Joey Castillo which also used the iconic Casio as a base They hadn’t traveled too much your case also retaining the original LCD screen and thus limiting your options.

And now repeat after me, I want one, I want one, I want one…! Same here We leave you all the information about the project in the GitLab of its creators:

Pegor project repository ‘F91_Kepler’ (on GitLab)

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