Open design, Alexa Dellanos shows us her smallest dress

Open design, Alexa Dellanos shows us her smallest dress

Beautiful American content creator, Alexa Dellanos, is convinced that this dress is one of the smallest she has, but also, the design is also one of the most open that she has presented in all the occasions that I like aside to the world of social networks.

It’s an entertainment that has been his life in his instagram official a few hours ago, posing from behind on a white background, with a ponytail, make-up and a figure that ended up having its audience cracking up on the internet.

She quickly got more than 238,000 reactions in the form of “likes”, as well as thousands of comments where Internet users managed to express all that they felt when they saw her, compliments, compliments and declarations of love that always arrive.

Once and for all she made it very clear why she loves this profession so much, despite the fact that many people do not think it is right or admirable, she is very passionate about this activity, it is very important to continue giving her best and feel comfortable with the results which, by the way, are top notch.

The image was surely captured in a Photo studiowe know that he collaborates with the most renowned professional photographers, he always befriends them and seeks to collaborate with the people who develop the best in the industry, in addition to sharing audiences and in many times to reach more people.

Alexa Dellanos has been defending her place among the favorites for several years, despite some negative comments and some absences, she has been able to continue to trace her path in this path that she herself has decided to take, many would think that she should follow the footsteps of his mother.

The daughter comes from Myrka Dellanos, a famous presenter of Telemundo in the United States, an excellent communicator and proud of the beautiful career that her daughter has managed to build and much more than the happiness that she has managed to be by her own efforts .

In Show News, we will continue to share with you your news, curiosities and all that is new about his great career which has continued to rise, as well as we will inform you of other interesting news on the show and more.

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