Guide: How to Get Amazon Balance Playing Xbox Game Pass Games? | Higher level

Guide: How to Get Amazon Balance Playing Xbox Game Pass Games?  |  Higher level

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A few moments ago we announced that Microsoft Rewards was renewing its list of rewards. It is thanks to this that in addition to allowing you to obtain months of Xbox Game Pass or Xbox balance, it also allows you to obtain Amazon Mexico balance cards.

The above means that from August 2022 you have the option of getting an electronic scale to use on Amazon Mexico. It is money that you can spend on many products like games, consoles, accessories, clothes, food and many household products.

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Now, if you’ve never heard of Microsoft Rewards, you’re probably confused by this promotion and wondering, “What is Microsoft Rewards?” ; “How do I get points for Microsoft Rewards?” ; “How can I register?” ; “How do I get points? »

So that you know everything about it, we have prepared a short guide with everything you need to know about Microsoft Rewards and the balance cards they offer from Amazon Mexico.

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Microsoft Rewards is a reward system that Microsoft has prepared as a loyalty system. Simply put, it can be described as a system that allows you to earn rewards for spending time in the Xbox ecosystem and the world of Microsoft.

For example, one of the most popular elements of the Microsoft Rewards system is the Xbox Game Pass. Each week, players have the opportunity to unlock rewards by completing missions ranging from starting a game from the catalog to unlocking achievements.

“Microsoft Rewards is Microsoft’s loyalty program that lets you earn rewards for doing the same things you already do, like buying games and apps,” is how Microsoft describes its loyalty system.

To participate in Microsoft Rewards, the first thing you need is a Microsoft account. Once you have it, just visit the Rewards page to sign up and start earning points.

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Microsoft Rewards prepares several rewards for you
Microsoft Rewards prepares several rewards for you

Now, what do you need to do to get points for Microsoft Rewards? In the case of Xbox, you can get them through Xbox Game Pass tasks.

Xbox Game Pass tasks are daily, weekly, and monthly missions, which you can find in the Xbox Game Pass section on console and in the Xbox Game Pass app profile.

Among the missions you will find are titles that are part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog; unlock Xbox Game Pass in-game achievements or try out different titles from the catalog. Check the list of quests each week.

It’s worth mentioning that there are other ways to earn Microsoft Rewards points aside from Xbox Game Pass. For example, you can get points by performing the different actions:

  • Search with Bing
  • Search the Web with the Windows 10 Search Box
  • Make purchases in the Microsoft Store
  • Use Cortana to search with Bing

You can learn more ways to earn Microsoft Rewards points by clicking here.

Redeeming rewards for Microsoft Rewards is the easiest thing you can do. Simply sign into the Microsoft Rewards site and press the button that says Redeem.

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There you will see a list of rewards that you can redeem for your Microsoft Rewards points. Next, we leave you with a list of all the rewards available at the time of writing this note:

And you, what did you think of this news? Do you follow these steps to get credit to use on Amazon Mexico? Tell us in the comments.

Follow this link to see more news related to the world of game offers. On the other hand, here you can know more about Microsoft Rewards.

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