Renata Notni paralyzes the network with her curves

Renata Notni paralyzes the network with her curves

Renata Notni is living a professional moment, with many proposals, and a wonderful personal one, since in about five years she will be dating actor Diego Boneta for two years and speculation about her possible marriage continues to be talked about. Amid the rumours, the lovers reappeared on social media to share a romantic moment they had during their last visit to the sea.

Renata Notni He took to his official Instagram account to share a new photo with his nearly five million followers around the world. The image quickly caught the eye not only because the actress showed off her spectacular figure in a black swimsuit, but also because she posed with her famous boyfriend, known to be Luis Miguel in the series Bio of the Puerto Rican singer.

Renata Notni and Diego Boneta are very happy as boyfriends.

In the image in question you can see Renata Notni and Diego Boneta lying by a swimming pool and immersed in a warm embrace while enjoying the good weather and the beautiful sunset very close to the sea. The actress added a red heart emoji to her message and, as expected , received hundreds of comments, including the response from her handsome boyfriend.

On the other hand, recently he has returned to conquer more than one on Instagram with his neat figure and the product of constant effort. Renata Notni He wore a two-piece bathing suit and a huge hat inside his house.

Renata Notni posing. Source: Instagram.

The publication of Renata Notni, It was filled with messages from all over the world and adds more than 70 thousand hearts of likes, for his outfit and because with a simple smile and tender squinting he crippled his huge Instagram fandom.

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