Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson’s private messages are revealed

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson's private messages are revealed

One of the most morbid claims of the trial that faced Johnny Depp and Amber HearI was lucky enough to see some of the former couple’s famous friends take the stage. In the end, the most publicized celebrity who ended up being called to testify was Kate Mossthe actor’s former girlfriend, but both parties mentioned individuals as well-known as the businessman in their respective testimonies Elon Muskthe actors James Franco and Paul Bettany or the singer Marilyn Manson.

Now a series of court documents have come to light, presented as part of the legal process that ended up giving victory to Johnny Deppwho collect the messages that the latter exchanged with the controversial musician.

In a chat dating back to 2016, Manson assured his friend that he had an “Amber 2.0” case on his hands with a woman he only calls Lindsay who is believed to be his current wife. Lindsay Usich. I also asked you to please delete the message after reading it.

“Can’t stand any of this…”, replied the actor. “I’ve read a lot of material on the subject and this sociopathic behavior is very real bro. My ex zo*** is a classic example.”

In another post, Marilyn Manson this implied that a family member of the same woman had alerted the authorities and was planning to flee.

I have a very serious case. amber with the police and with L’s family. I’m very stressed. I don’t know if you came back, but I need a sanctuary somewhere because I think the police might be on their way,” he wrote.

Correspondence between the two friends was not used as evidence in the highly publicized six-week trial, in which Amber was eventually ordered to pay her $10.35 million in damages. Depp’s lawyers reportedly specifically requested his exclusion because they feared he would harm their client under the principle of guilt by association.

Marilyn Manson faces theirs Legal issue after being accused of abuse by several of his former sexual and romantic partners, such as the actress Evan Rachel Wood.

He continues to maintain his innocence, but it’s easy to see why Johnny Depp’s defense didn’t see him as a good asset to prove that Amber killed him. calumny by writing an article in which she identifies herself as a victim of domestic violence and describes her experience, but never mentions her name.

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