‘TUDN is to blame’; Rayados fans complain about transmission

'TUDN is to blame';  Rayados fans complain about transmission

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Monterrey fans made the word a trending topic “TUDN” on Twitter, but not specifically for praise or recognition. Fans complained bitterly about the Pumas-Rayados broadcast this Sunday, accusing the TV channel of “keeping the rehearsals” in games favorable to the Gang.

Occasionally, the the comments against TUDN were about the hand of Palermo Ortiz which has never been called by video arbitration for review. Viewers have reported that the company took “almost five minutes” to pass the image where the absence of the defender of the Pumas who should have been sanctioned as a penalty favorable to Rayados is flagrant.

In this context, some users of social networks they accused Televis of “favoring Pumas” and “hiding rehearsals” to their viewers and even the VAR people, alleging that if they had shown the hand footage in time, the people in the booth would have asked the central judge, Diego Montaño, to go to the monitor.

Let’s remember that the video umpire folks have all the shots from the real-time TV broadcastso if they notice any anomaly or unreported fault, they have these resources at their disposal at the moment to share them with the central referee and thus make any decision.

It should be noted that Marco Antonio Rodríguez, the famous Chiquimarco what is it referee analyst at TUDNposted on Twitter that a favorable penalty should have been given to Rayados which could mean victory, as the match ended in a one-goal tie at Ciudad Universitaria.

“TUDN puts on cheerleaders, not commentators”

Another of the complaints of people in social networks was the “marked bias” of TUDN narrators and analysts in favor of Pumasimmediately appointing the rapporteur Jorge Sanchez and Kikin Fonseca for his alleged tendency to praise everything university students did before the people of the North.

They also pointed out that “they magnify everything” what Dani Alves has donethe bomb hiring of Pumas and Liga MX for this tournament, complaining that “the Rayados have better players and selected ones”, but everything revolved around the Brazilian in the story.

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