Carlos Salcido filed a complaint against the LBM: “Thanks to our image it broke”

Carlos Salcido filed a complaint against the LBM: "Thanks to our image it broke"

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The way it’s handled Mexican football has given us something to talk about in recent yearsbecause far from having a promotion and relegation competition, different football competitions have been created at a professional level, although below the maximum circuit.

One of these skills is Liga de Balompié Mexicano, born in 2020 although not affiliated with FIFAwhich since its creation has experienced controversial situations, due to the teams involved, and even managers.

Elo former footballer Carlos Salcido told in an interview for the Antonio de Valdés channel how he became president of the Mexican Football LeagueThat is and even sued the tournament for using his likeness.

“They had told us we were going as guests and later they told us to walk them to the podium and then the league exploded and we started like ‘you know what? [sic] Here’s two soups, or give us some wool ’cause thanks to us the fuckin’ picture blew up your league or tell us what will happen then,” Salcido began.

Carlos Salcido (Mexsport)
Carlos Salcido (Mexsport)

He later said that several LBM teams wanted to include him in their ranks, but he refused. Given this, the opportunity arose to serve as the tournament chairman.

“how we continue small bouquet and I said in this sense ‘you don’t want to be president? And you Ramoncito, you don’t want to be in the national teams and I don’t know how many?’. I told them I didn’t know I had come to retire and they told me there was going to be a guy behind me. I lasted three months and never got to get into a meeting where the owners came“He counted.

“When the boom started, I got together with the presidents and talked so they wouldn’t take it badly and the presidents said to me, ‘Carlos, I don’t have farts with you.’ you like it or not Seems that league was put against her, now everyone thinks that league was mine, I did not put on weight. Today I sued them, I sued the league,” he said.

some months later, In January 2021, Carlos Salcido officially announced his resignation as president of the Mexican Football League.although without explaining his reasons.

“VS”As always, with all humility and as an employee that I was, thank the people who invited me on this platform, the other side of the footballer”, he underlined.


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