‘Black Friday 2022’: It’s the cheapest iPad you can buy right now (new, beware)

'Black Friday 2022': It's the cheapest iPad you can buy right now (new, beware)

    Now that the strong Black Friday deals are starting, and more importantly now that they’re aimed at the price-hunting shopper, it’s necessary to be very clear about the best cheap iPad you can buy new. If you want a refurbished product, you have to read another article (although in this one you’ll find the odd clue). The best cheap iPad right now, hands down, is the 10.2-inch 9th-generation iPad (it was released in late September 2021). It is a versatile product for most users. We found this iPad model in the 64 GB version for 359 euros, with a 16% discount. If you need a powerful tablet for editing videos, and if this tablet is Apple, it must be clear to you that it will not be cheap. I think you’re not the type of iPad Pro user and if you’re not already an iPad user, you’re also not an iPad Air user (the passage of an iPad to another iPad should be done towards an iPad Air 2022, which is a machine, but here we are already talking about 809 euros). Will it drop more than 359 euros as Black Friday week approaches? In writing Tecno Party of Esquire.es we are convinced that it can repeat this price, but it will not go down. There will be offerings at the higher end, especially in the iPad Pro which has just been replaced by the newer versions, but in the 2021 iPad, that’s the ceiling we think this product will hit. Why are we so clear that this 2021 iPad is a good buy? The tenth generation iPad was released in October for 579 euros against the 9th generation iPad for 429, which is still an excellent tablet. There is a difference of 150 euros for the same product, even if they have a different processor installed, the new one has more inches and a better screen, as well as a USB-C port… The price jump n ‘t worth it if you go by the price. If price is not an issue, then yes. Especially since you can also buy the new iPad keyboard, the Magic Keyboard Folio, which I think is great. But this, of course, if the price is not an issue.


    Apple iPad 2021 (10.2-inch with Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray (9th generation)



    €359.00 (16% off)

    Is this iPad 2021 better than the old models? Excellent question, reader. Let’s see if we give you a satisfactory answer. Any iPad below the eighth generation makes no sense, neither getting an iPad Air 1 or 2, nor with the iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 and 4. Besides the lack of updates (one of advantages of iOS over Android), because you have low resolution screens. Please note that iPadOS 16 (a 16.1.1 update has just been released) only works on iPad and iPad mini 5th generation and later, and all models of iPad Pro and iPad Air 3rd generation and later . . It is, I think, clear that Apple will continue to update iPadOS 15 security for devices that cannot upgrade to the new operating system.

    I really think the new iPad 2021 is a better option than a refurbished iPad Air 3 or iPad 2020 or iPad Mini 5, even if you find them in cheap mode. I did not lose sight that the iPad 2020 and the iPad Mini 5 are compatible with the first Apple Pencil and the iPad Air 3, with the second generation Apple Pencil, but I don’t know… And yes, except for the iPad Mini, they are compatible with the Smart Keyboard, but having the iPad Air 2022 and the iPad Mini 2021 doesn’t seem like such a good idea to switch to older models.

    Want a bargain on iPad Pro? Ugh, you’re making it difficult for me there. Playing it safe, the 2018 11-inch iPad Pro and the 2020 model can be great deals at a good price. Below, it works perfectly. But if you go for a Pro, isn’t it better to save?

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