Aramburuzabala: How much is Mexico’s richest woman worth?

Aramburuzabala: How much is Mexico's richest woman worth?

María Asunción Aramburuzabala, the richest woman in Mexico, assures that she never had the vocation to be a businesswoman. However, a promise made to his father before his death forced into the business world.

Aramburuzabala, 59, has a fortune of $6,180 million. According to the Forbes Millionaires List, the businesswoman is ranked fifth in Mexico and is the third richest woman in Latin America.

Agree with BBC Newsthe heir to the first beer company in Mexico and maker of the famous Corona, Grupo Modelo, was able to multiply this family fortune thanks to investments in the real estate, technology, banking or telecommunications, among others.

María Asunción was also the first woman to join the board of directors of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The brewing origins of the Aramburuzabala fortune begin in the Basque town of Eskoriatza in northern Spain. According to the BBCthe businesswoman was born in a large and very modest family.

His grandfather Felix, who was dedicated to transporting stones in ox carts for construction, decided at the beginning of the last century to travel to America in search of opportunities.

In Mexico, he started out in the yeast business and, after meeting the then president of Grupo Modelo, ended up becoming his partner and one of the main promoters of the company.

After the death of his grandfather, he was the father of María Asunción, Pablo Aramburuzabala, who inherited his share of the company. When he dies of terminal cancer, it is she who takes the reins at the age of 32, at the request of her father.

Aramburuzabala, on several occasions, claims to have learned from “Honesty, discipline and long working hours”.

Aramburuzabala chooses his successor at Tresalia Capital

María Asunción Aramburuzabala hired Rodolfo Perez of Goldman Sachs to succeed him in running his family business.

Pérez, who has served as co-head of Goldman’s Mexico office since late 2017 and has worked in investment banking for 23 years, succeeded Aramburuzabala as CEO of Tresalia Capital, the office said in a statement. A representative for Goldman, based in New York, declined to comment.

Aramburuzabala has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tresalia Capital since its inception in 1996.

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