Applications that should never be installed on your laptop: do not do it under any circumstances

Applications that should never be installed on your laptop: do not do it under any circumstances

Categories of apps that you should never install on your mobile phone.

The app catalog can include up to millions of them, including thousands of cheats. You will be surprised to know that many are the ones that we know of and that you have probably used at some point. Before downloading any app, remember to ask yourself if they are safe, as well as if they are really useful on your cell phone. If you want to know which apps are putting your data security at risk, keep reading!

General Categories of Apps You Should Never Install on Your Mobile Phone
  1. keyboard apps

There are many keyboard apps on the Google Play Store that offer other layouts and more types of customization that might catch your eye. Keep in mind, however, that the keyboard app will see everything you type, including personal information like security keys or passwords.

If for some reason these keyboard developers experience a data breach, anything you’ve ever saved will be exposed and that can be dangerous. For this reason, although they are certified applications, they generate a great concern in terms of privacy. The risk is even more serious if you ever download the APK of an application without a license, that is, it is not in the Play Store, where there are often malicious sites that can introduce a malware on your device.

  1. antivirus apps

Experts say iPhone antivirus apps are basically useless because of Apple’s built-in protections. As for Android devices, the recommendation is not to download applications if they do not have an official site. You probably don’t need antivirus unless you’re continually downloading apps outside of the Google Play Store, which isn’t recommended. However, the same antivirus can also pose a risk due to the large amount of data it collects.

  1. flashlight apps

Years ago, it was common for people to download an app on their mobile to use the flashlight. At present it is completely useless because all cell phones include it by default. If you search for “flashlight” in the Google Play Store, you will see that there are still many apps, where most of them have invasive advertising in addition to requiring additional permissions. The recommendation is not to expose your data to these third-party apps, better use the functionality built into the phone itself!

  1. Optimization applications, fast loading or to free up storage space

The specific reason why you shouldn’t download these apps is that they won’t do you any good, and may even end up doing the opposite of what they offer. There are many apps that claim to get you back to your smartphone faster or free up space on it. let me tell you they don’t.

For example, apps that promise to free up mobile RAM must always be left open, so in reality it will be one more consumer and it can make the phone even slower. All they do is close apps you no longer use and thus speed up the processor. The thing mentioned at the end is very useful, it’s not disputed, but you don’t need any third party app to do it! Mobile phones allow you to close apps manually, and you can even configure which apps you want to keep running in the background.

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