Andrea Legarreta: 3 naughty bikinis that confirm her as the most beautiful of “Hoy”

Andrea Legarreta: 3 naughty bikinis that confirm her as the most beautiful of "Hoy"

Andrea Legarreta She is one of the morning’s most beloved presenters.”Today“, from Televisa”, in which she shows off with the most beautiful looks, as well as on her social networks, where she shares photos of the outfits she wears on the program, and also some of her family moments, such as days at the beach to those that can be seen in alluring bikinis with those who confirmed as the most beautiful television and shows off her shapely legs, so admired by her millions of followers.

The driver, mother of two daughters and wife of the singer Erik Rubinhas become a fashion reference for women over 50, and shows it with each of the outfits she shows on the show and on networks like Instagram or Facebook, with which she makes it clear that age does not matter not important when it comes to dressing in style, without neglecting coquetry and sensuality.

Andrea Legarreta shows off in a bikini and conquers

Legarreta confirms with her beach looks that she is not afraid to try new designs, because although there are few photographs that can be found in her official accounts in which she shows off in swimsuits two pieces, with which she showed style and beauty, as do her companions from the Televisa show, such as Galilea Montijo, Tania Rincon and Andrea Escalona.

Andrea conquers with her beach looks. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta

The beautiful presenter is also one of the stars who defy the rules of fashion, because although some renowned international designers, such as Carolina Herrera, assure that after 40 years you should no longer wear it swimwear two rooms, Andrea She does it in the best way and captivates her followers on the networks with her perfect outfits for a day at the beach or at the pool.

Andrea Legarreta51 years old and mother of two teenagers, Mía and Nina, young people who have also shown a great taste for fashion, is crowned queen of style and as one of the pilots the most beautiful of the Televisa morning show, in which she conquers her millions of fans for her striking looks, as confirmed by her seductive bikinis, which range from the most classic to the most modern and small, with which her figure stands out.

She shows off a great body in a bikini. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta

Andrea began her career as a child in television commercials, and although she dabbled in music with the youth group “Strawberries with cream” and acting with telenovelas such as “Reach for a Star” and “Vive les enfants!” is her work as a presenter in the popular morning show “Hoy”, in which she has been more than 20 years, which has made her stand out, as she has definitely managed to win over her audience with her charisma and beauty.

The driver exudes beauty. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta


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