5 beers dangerous to health… and containing risky ingredients

5 beers dangerous to health... and containing risky ingredients

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The Beer It is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in Mexico and in the world, which is why many companies are dedicated to the manufacture of this product. however, we are afraid to tell you that not all brands of ‘chela’ are safe, as some contain ingredients that make them hazardous to health.

Beer normally contains four basic ingredients: malt, water, hops and yeast, although there are breweries that add other components that can pose a great risk to consumers.

And it is that some ingredients are carcinogenic, and therefore, they are dangerous for your health lovers of this alcoholic drink.

What are the 5 dangerous beers for your health?

It is the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) responsible for revealing the list of beers where residues of cancer-causing chemicals have been detected.

Coors Light

This beer of American origin contains transgenic corn syrup which includes glyphosate, a component which can be carcinogenic.

Newcastle beer

The chela from England is famous for its caramel flavor; however, it contains ammonia, a component also linked to cancer risk.


Yes, the famous American beer that has been present in countless commercials, films or series, also contains ingredients with genetically modified corn, which makes it one of the most dangerous beers for peopledespite being a top seller in the United States.

bonus crown

The Mexican brand is also on the list of the most dangerous beers because it contains transgenic corn and propylene glycol, a liquid that is harmful to people’s health because it serves as a component of fiberglass and antifreeze.


Finally, the most famous dark beer brewed in Ireland is also on the list because it contains fish strain and liver, which can be harmful to health. Plus, it contains dangerous ingredients like high fructose corn syrup.

here are the the most dangerous beers for the health of consumerswe therefore recommend that you think twice before buying them, but remember that any alcoholic beverage should be consumed in moderation. With information from sumedico.com

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